Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."



Compelled by Jesus’ Great Commission, we are multiplying transformed disciples through MICRO GROUPS in every country in the world by 2026.


GDI trains, coaches, and inspires pastors and Christian leaders to establish indigenous, multiplying, disciplemaking movements, both nationally and internationally.


  1. Disciplemaking is the church’s mission, not just one bullet point of the many things a church does.
  2. Micro Groups: Disciples grow best and are empowered to disciple others in gender-specific groups of triads (3) or quads (4).
  3. Intentional: Discipleship requires purposeful, covenantal, relational investment.
  4. Transparent Relationships: God’s Word shapes our hearts in an honest, open, and mutually accountable environment.
  5. Biblically-Based Curriculum: Discipleship Essentials covers the foundations for a life in Christ and is the empowerment tool we use to disciple others.
  6. Indigenous: Discipleship movements should become self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating.
  7. Multiplying: Disciples are made to reproduce.

GDI’s COVID-19 Response

As part of GDI's strategy “to establish indigenous, multiplying, disciple making movements worldwide," we are also responding to the humanitarian needs of our leaders created by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our donors have indicated a strong desire to help with the effort to meet the basic needs of our international staff, in order that their ministries may continue. In response, we have sent funds designated for financial assistance to many of our staff around the world.


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