Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

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November 2021
  • National Disciple Making Forum

    Date: Thursday 04 November 2021 to Friday 05 November 2021

    Time: 08:00am  to 05:00pm

    National Disciple Making Forum in Nashville
    7777 Concord Road
    Brentwood TN 

    The National Disciplemaking Forum brings together like-minded ministries to make disciples who make disciples to follow Jesus Christ. We are made in the image of God. Our purpose is to become more like Jesus while we live on earth. Romans 8:29

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    Session 1: Successful Journey - “Experience the Buzz: What a Church Feels Like with 150 Multiplying Discipleship Groups” Ralph Rittenhouse, Bev Garcia, and Joel Morris

    Session 2: The Relational Environment (Vehicle) – “The Power of Personal Invitation: Jesus Modeled Calling a Few to Himself and Look What Happened!” Greg Ogden and Dan Dominguez

    Session 3: The Relational Environment (Vehicle) – “The Secret Sauce: Creating an Honest, Open Environment That Accelerates Authentic Spiritual Growth” Greg Ogden and Ralph Rittenhouse

    Session 4: Intentional Leader (Driver) and Reproducible Process (GPS) – “Lowering the Bar of Leadership: The Genius of a Group of 3-4 Is That Almost Anyone Can Lead Equipped with a Disciple Making Tool” Greg Ogden and Ralph Rittenhouse

  • Lausanne Conference

    Date: Friday 26 November 2021 to Saturday 27 November 2021

    Time: 08:00am  to 05:00pm



    Lausanne Conference, near Madrid, Spain--Nov. 26-27, 2021