Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

  • What Others Are Saying - Read and listen to others who prove the viability, reliability, and validity of the micro-group strategy. Dr. Greg Ogden continues meeting with new groups after 35 years with the same process of making disciples who make disciples. Pastor Ralph Rittenhouse continues to meet with multiple micro-groups, encouraging pastors locally and internationally, with his story over 32 years as the pastor of one church.
  • Coaching Micro Group - Just getting started? The Coaching Micro Group may be just what you need. 
  • Intensives - Identify if this 2-day plan might be what you want and what others have in mind to begin learning and implementing micro-group strategies.
  • Challenge to Making Disciples - Examine the sermon that Ralph Rittenhouse gave to challenge followers of Jesus to practice the Great Commission by using the  micro-group strategy.
  • Training - Check out options for training in interactive micro-groups through cohorts as the primary way to develop leadership skills.