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What is a Coaching MicroGroup (CMG)?
Coaching MicroGroup (CMG) is not a course, but a guided introduction to the GDI approach to reproducible disciplemaking. Starting with an overview by using Transforming Discipleship, the emphasis is on relationships. It is not required, or essential, to start your own Discipleship Essentials MicroGroup wherever you live. Together this opportunity can give you practice--like an internship--and meet others in the process who seek to "jump start" their own local church or organization. Matthew 28:18-20 calls us to "Go and make disciples" who make disciples. Although these "tracks to run on" continue to be proven as an effective method for more than 40 years, the GDI approach is not necessarily the only way to make disciples. God uses a variety of people, ways, and means to conform us to the image of His Son. True discipleship does not depend on methods or strategies, but upon our motivation of love of Jesus Christ. This is not "just another Bible study" or just another program, a MicroGroup is a lifestyle change for the "hothouse of the Holy Spirit" to work in transforming us.

How does a Coaching MicroGroup work?
A CMG consists of 3-4 pastors and an experienced MicroGroup coach. Using Discipleship Essentials as the curriculum, the group meets weekly for an hour and a half and journeys together, life-on-life, through the lessons. The purpose of the CMG is to allow participants to experience disciplemaking in an environment that has consistently allowed for abundant and accelerated spiritual growth while simultaneously preparing participants to lead a MicroGroup of their own. By experiencing what others will experience, you become a student first before you become a coach/facilitator to hand off your faith to others as cofollowers instead of merely as a 1-on-1, teacher-student relationship.

What are the requirements?
Participants are required to purchase Transforming Discipleship and Discipleship Essentials. Both titles are by Greg Ogden. Transforming Discipleship should be read prior to beginning the CMG. Transforming Discipleship not only provides an excellent overview to the reproductive disciplemaking process, but in it Dr. Ogden offers a compelling argument that churches must return to the relational, intentional, life-on-life discipleship model of Jesus if they hope to become a Great Commission disciplemaking church. Although you will be using  Discipleship Essentialswe will begin to do so as a group after Transforming Discipleship.

How often will we meet?
The CMG meets once per week for 8-10 weeks for 1-½ hours per meeting. CMG coaches conduct these in the same way they would any MicroGroup, except that these coaching sessions meet via Zoom since we often not geographically close enought to meet in person.


Week #1
Introductions: Get to know each other, clarify weekly meeting time, begin to talk through Transforming Discipleship.

Week #2
Review the MicroGroup invitation process. Finish Transforming Discipleship discussion.

Weeks #3-8
Walk through and practice simulations of the first several lessons in Discipleship Essentials.

What is the cost?
The fee for participation in a CMG is $120 per participant. Payments may be made as follows:

1. Give online at by clicking on the Donate button in the top right.
2. Choose monthly or a one-time donation and enter the amount.
3. Choose "General" and select "US National Director."

You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 
And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses
entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

II Timothy 2:1-2

For more information contact Dave Schanuel
GDI National Director, USA
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