Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

  • Articles - Download PDFs. Determine what other resources are needed to clarify the process of micro-group strategies.
  • Audio - Listen to 25 messages delivered by Ralph Rittenhouse and follow along with PDFs that you download and can use with each chapter of Discipleship Essentials.
  • Disciplemaking Books - Discover the numerous books written by Dr. Greg Ogden to grow disciples who make disciples with the micro-group strategy.
  • Messages - Dr. Greg Ogden gives messages as a pastor to others. He includes downloadable PDFs for your notes and use on various topics.
  • Video - View all of the videos that are introduced by Dr. Greg Ogden for The Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple and you will find more of the back story of why and how this was developed as an onramp.
  • Leadership Resources - Access specific tools for leaders.
  • Courses - Learn more with our video library of online courses that are free and interactive with a coach, or on your own.