Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

Coaching Micro Group. The Coaching Micro Group (CMG) is not a course per se, but a guided introduction to the GDI approach to reproduciple discple making.

A Coaching Micro Group (CMG) consists of 3 or 4 Pastors and an experienced Micro Group facilitator. Using Discipleship Essentials as the curriculum, the group meets weekly for an hour and a half and journeys together, life-on-life, through the lessons. The purpose of the CMG is to allow participants to experience disciple making in an environment that has consistently allowed for abundant and accelerated spiritual growth while simultaneously preparing participants to lead a Micro Group of their own. Consequently, GDI Micro Group facilitators conduct CMG’s in the same way they would any Micro Group. The CMG continues to meet until the members have a good understanding of key aspects of disciple making within the Micro Group setting. 

Once CMG members are sufficiently prepared, they then start Micro Groups of their own. CMG participants then meet monthly for mutual support, encouragement and problem solving. When Pastors move into their second or third generation of Micro Groups would be an appropriate time to consider joining an Online Cohort. 

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