Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

  • Executive Summary - Examine the main points. Download the full summary.
  • Vision and Mission - Though most pastors and church leaders could identity Jesus’ Great Commission as the reason the church exists, the vast majority do not seem to have a plan for making disciples.
  • Statement of Faith - Here are the foundational Scriptural values guiding GDI.
  • Greg Ogden - Meet Dr. Greg Ogden who continues to practice and to teach others how effective micro-group strategies are in making disciples who make disciples to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Ralph Rittenhouse - Meet Pastor Ralph Rittenhouse who continues to coach and train other pastors and leaders to become disciples who make disciples. After pastoring one church for 32 years, he joined Dr. Greg Ogden to form the nonprofit GDI.
  • GDI Board Members - See who the team of volunteers are who support Greg and Ralph to implement the mission and vision of GDI.
  • Newsletters - Read about our history and the impact across the world.
  • FAQs - Find responses to frequently asked questions.


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