MicroGroup Multiplying Moments:

Fear of Bankruptcy

About to go bankrupt, Grant shares his story. In Greg Ogden's MicroGroup, the openness of dealing with current circumstances surfaces.

The fear of bankruptcy was like his "old friend" was back.

Jesus focused on relationships.

Disciplemaking prioritizes relationships with each other at a transparent, authentic level.

The Church is bleeding people!

In the book The Great Dechurching, the authors tell us that 40 million people have left the Church of Jesus Christ over the last 25 years. Since 2007, 16% of the population declare themselves to be "nones," meaning they have no religious affiliation.

That percentage now has risen to 30% of the US population. How do we stop the bleeding? We have to ask the question, "Why are people leaving the church?"

MicroGroup Synergy

What is the power that transforms people from being full of information to actual transformation as followers of Jesus?

This animated video was created by the son of a pastor from a country where Christians are persecuted. Collective spiritual growth comes from intentional relationships that thrive by encouraging one another where "iron sharpens iron" in gender-specific groups of 3-4.

MicroGroups in the Balkans

Greg and Lily Ogden traveled to the Balkans to teach pastors and leaders of all ages about MicroGroups. The location of the Balkans includes several countries with early connections to the beginning of the Church throughout Asia Minor.

As the Apostle Paul traveled throughout the regions of the Balkans, he documented his journey. Today the dynamics are similar. Partnerships share the same "mindscape" with those who see the value of making disciples a few at a time.