Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

Turning Your Church into a Disciple-Making Mission

Introductory Session

Getting to Know Your Partners on the Journey

Successful Journey

Session 1: A Vision of a Disciple-Making Church: Starting with the End in Mind

Intentional Leader

Session 2: The Power of Micro Groups

Session 3: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Disciple-Making Mission

Session 4: Leading Change

Relational Environment

Biblical/Theological Foundations of the Relational Environment

Session 5: The Authority of Jesus

Session 6: The Mission of the Church: Make Christians or Disciples?

Session 7: The Mission of the Church: Characteristics of a Disciple

Session 8: Jesus’ Preparatory Model of Disciple-Making

Session 9: Paul’s Parental Model of Disciple-Making

Session 10: Changing Church Models: From Dependency to Equipping

Relational Environment

The Three Key Elements Necessary for Making Reproducing Disciples

Session 11: Relationship: Life Investment

Session 12: Multiplication: Through the Generations

Session 13: Transformation: The Four Necessary Ingredients

Reproducible Process

Session 14: The ROle of the Micro Group Leader/The Importance of Curriculum

Session 15: Creating a Disciple Making Culture/Sinkholes and Potholes  

Session 16: Becoming a Model Church: The 3-5 Year Plan of Transforming into a Disciple Making Congregation/Ministry



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