DOWNLOAD the full transcript of any message. These are based upon Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden and Real-Life Discipleship by Jim Putman. When intention, focus, and will completely align, we grow!

pdf   Intro-Challenge to Discipleship
pdf   1-Making Disciples
pdf   2-Being a Disciple
pdf   3-Quiet Time
pdf   4-Bible Study
pdf   5-Prayer
pdf   Special-Discipling Fathers
pdf   6-Worship
pdf   7-The Three-Person God
pdf   8-Made in God’s Image
pdf   9-Sin
pdf   10-Grace
pdf   11-Redemption
pdf   12-Justification
pdf   13-Adoption
pdf   14-Filled with the Spirit
pdf   15-Fruit of the Spirit
pdf   16-Trust
pdf   17-Love
pdf   18-Justice
pdf   19-Witness
pdf   20-The Church
pdf   21-Ministry Gifts
pdf   22-Spiritual Warfare
pdf   23-Walking in Obedience
pdf   24-Sharing the Wealth
pdf   25-Money


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